Blue Brick Pictures

Welcome on our site. Here you can see the Lego movies we've made and some pictures. Enjoy!

Fred Eaglesmith & Band: Get on your Knees
Video made at the request of Eaglesmith & his band
Fred Eaglesmith & Band: Freighttrain
E Street Lego Band Encore: Badlands
E Street Lego Band: Promised Land
Simon & Garfunkel in Lego: Hazy Shade of Winter
Ed and the Fretmen go Lego: Cry Cry Cry
Ed and the Fretmen go Lego 2: Shady Grove
The Boss in Lego: Born in the USA
Elvis in Lego: Jailhouse Rock

The Lego Head Shop

Poster of Lego Bruce for in your Lego city
The Big Man with the saxophone
T-shirts for your minifigs
Lego Simon & Garfunkel
Lego Fred Eaglesmith & Band