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We are the proud owners of a travel bug called 'Gino the Traveling Dino'. He started his journey on the 17th of december 2006. His goal is to visit places where his friend Cookiemonster has been on his bicycle tours. On this website you can find maps of these tours. If you find Gino, please take him to another cache along one of these routes. That would be great!

If possible we would like it if you took a picture of him and the surroundings where you found him.

This is Gino

This is Gino the Traveling Dino

Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany

Gino would really like to visit Cochem and Gerardmer or Xonrupt Longemer

Netherlands, England and Scotland

Gino would really like to visit Loch Ness and also the Isle of Arran!


Netherlands, Germany, Denmark

The Faeroer Islands


Gino would like to visit Landmannalaugar and the Gulfoss!

For more details about the routes go to the travel reports on this website!

Gino and Koekiemonster